December Home Values Report for Anaheim Hills

The December Dataquick home values report is out for Orange County (OC). Over the past 12 months, home values have decreased as follows: condos have dropped 7.1% finishing the year at $260,000; resale homes 4.5% coming in at $449,000, and the median sale value for all OC homes ended 2011 at $400,000; posting a 2.4% net decrease year-to-date.

Here in sunny Anaheim Hills, North Orange County, California the news ¬†is actually much better. Median home values, for all homes sold, in the 92808 and 92807 zip codes has actually increased by 8.8% — ending at $466,000. That’s great news and far better than expected.

None-the-less, this Realtor continues to project additional decreases in 2012 especially in the high-end, luxury homes, market. My projection is that by the end of this year, the median value for all OC homes will be approximately 3% below its ¬†current $400,000….ending 2012 at $388,000.