Getting Home Buyer’s Offers Accepted and Not Just Noticed

What does it take in today’s multiple offer (sometimes double digit) climate to get your offer on a home accepted? Some would say the highest price with the strongest financial credentials is the only way to get it done. On the contrary, I’m here to challenge that thought and provide both agents and homebuyers with a proven strategy.

What’s working for my clients, some of whom are coming to the table with only a 3% down payment and, a not so welcome by Sellers, FHA loan product, is perseverance and out of the box, old-school techniques. In a real estate transaction, two “persons”, a seller and a buyer, are coming to terms and doing business with one another. Even if the seller is a bank or a private investor conducting a flip, the above fact remains true! This fact provides a great opportunity to get your offer its best consideration.

Seasoned and well-trained sales persons are diligent in facilitating a real-estate transaction. They also remember well that here in the USA people conduct business with people that they like and trust and not just the highest and best bidder. This is important because as Americans this is a critical part of our business and moral culture.

So here’s my advice:

•Tell your story with integrity, honesty and good will. Provide as much detail and facts as possible.
•Disclose how you or your client will improve the home and build upon the previous owners work and legacy.
•Outline how you will contribute and be an asset to the local community.
•Capture the sellers and agents time in person or over the phone.
•Don’t do business with agents or sellers that are not of like mind!
•Follow up, follow up and…follow up. And be sure to retell your story until they hear it!
•Report MLS violators (to weed out the fake inventory) as soon it comes to your knowledge.