Gourmet Food & Craft Brew at BJ’s Grill Anaheim Hills

For decades, we Anaheim Hills  residents have suffered with poor dining choices. Let’s face it, we are a small community possessing a small population in an area where the terrain does not lend itself well to numerous and affordable retail lease options. In fact, there are very few mom-and-pop restaurateurs in Anaheim Hills. That’s one of the main reasons why it’s so hard to find good food (and many other goods and services) at a fair price here.

One could argue that we had the Wood Ranch Restaurant but that’s all we had. The food and service is decent. And, the prices… can get expensive with a couple of drinks and an appetizer. So, you can imagine how elated I am to report to you all that another option has landed in Anaheim Hills, BJ’s Grill located at 8188 E. Santa Ana Canyon Road.  From a design perspective, the place is upscale and top notch. But, even more impressive than its design, is its food and pricing. 

Where in Anaheim Hills can one get, all-you-can-eat, gourmet-grade soup and salad for $7.99 or craft-brewed beer on draft for under $6.00 a pint? Now, that’s news: high quality at a great price. Similar to what the investors that I represent are looking for in real estate – value and quality combined. To learn more about BJ’s, click on the following link: http://www.bjsrestaurants.com/locations/ca/bjs-grill-anaheim-hills. To learn more about great real estate investments, first go to BJ’s Grill to verify that my food and beer tip is accurate, then give me a call.