Market Strategy

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Market Strategy

Ever-changing market conditions greatly affect the residential real estate buying and selling process. Mastering the core components of a real estate marketing strategy, creates the opportunity for successful transactions. Nicolaou Real Estate Services has invested hundreds of hours in benchmarking the process. Here’s a glimpse of what the firm offers.

1. Pre-Market Home Condition Assessment
Before a home is listed, the team completes a pre-market home assessment to advise clients on the most advantageous selling strategies available. With the goal of capturing the highest and best price, property-specific recommendations are made on how to best position the home for market entry, including advisement on the need for home improvements.

2. Work with an Established Partner
In residential real estate, the very first impression is key. It significantly influences the value placed on a home by both agents and buyers. First impressions begin with the real estate agent and the brokerage representing the home. A team known for its high profile closings, backed by a reputable brand and top tier marketing efforts, creates the opportunity for a quick, top dollar, sale with the least amount of risk for sellers.

Nicolaou Real Estate Services is highly distinguished in Orange County. In fact, in 2013 it was awarded the Prudential Honor Society Award. Most recently, the company has closed more than $30 million in real estate.

3. Promoting the Property
A home backed by a premier marketing campaign helps it stand out from its competition. Nicolaou Real Estate Services produces the highest quality collateral for its clients, including photography, staging, videography and printed brochures and flyers. Every piece of collateral the firm puts out is top-tier.

Also, the team employs an expansive social media, direct and e-mail reach as well as online presence. On average, the company spends $3,000 to bring a property to market.

Also, the team has established relationships with the other top brokers in North Orange County. This asset, allows the firm to share new listing information with the top brokers and agents quickly through direct e-mails, personal contacts, and an established social media presence. These capabilities immediately inform brokers and potential buyers of new inventory, raise awareness of client properties as well as lead to shorter market times and higher dollar sales.

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