Monaco Board of Directors Passes New Tax

As I have stated in the past, there are no parking issues at the Monaco Community in Anaheim Hills. One may even argue that there is no need for a patrol company at all – since the residence of the community are respectful of one another.

That’s why I am very confused with the current board of director’s decision to hire OC Patrol (most likely for a high fee) to police the overnight parking conditions. This is the third company the Board has hired in the past three years. That’s one per year. And each time they decide to swap patrol companies, the home owners and/or residents are forced to pay fees for new parking permits as well as garage inspections.

In the past, the fees have been around $25 to $50 for the garage inspection and two year parking permit. Well the fees are 400% higher with OC Patrol, they are requiring $100.00 for one vehicle, $300 for two, and $500 for three.  And, that’s only for a one-year term.

It is my opinion that the current board of directors has very ineptly passed a new tax on Monaco residents as well as harmed both home and rental values in the community. It is safe to say that the board continues to be a nuisance and not a servant of the community. As a Realtor; I would advise Monaco seller’s to disclose the above nuisance to buyers. Not to do so, would be unethical.

It also appears that predatory towing practices of tha past are about to begin again at the Monaco. Potential homebuyers need also be aware of this fact.

If you are as outraged about the above situation as I am,  and want to work together to resolve it, please e-mail me at I beleive that it is our duty to care about our community.