Risk Management

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Risk Management

Purchasing a home is a huge investment, and taking steps to mitigate risk will prevent problems down the road. Nicolaou Real Estate Services provides foresight during all stages of the buying and selling process to guarantee clients are informed and protected.

1. Discovery Process
Selling or buying a home comes with hidden risks. This is because it’s up to the homeowner, who sometimes is a flip investor, to share all that he/she knows or doesn’t know about the property so that they buyers have a clear picture as to the condition of the asset.

In order to mitigate these risks and potential recall from errors and omissions, a seller must disclose all pertinent information about the home that he or she is aware of. And, a buyer, once prompted by a home inspection or disclosures, must further investigate the extent of the costs associated with the new information. For example, things like unpermitted additions, easements, use of neighboring properties, electrical, shared walls, mold, termites, or faulty pipes all need to be quantified.

During the initial intake and discovery process, Nicolaou Real Estate Services identifies and informs clients on items that create liability and recommends suitable action plans. In order to make competent recommendations to clients on the above matters, knowledge of property types, builders, litigation, and the extent of liability an issue presents is critical.

The team also works closely with home inspectors and contractors who possess extensive knowledge in local property and builder tract conditions. It has also invested hundreds of man-hours investigating and advising on how to navigate through risks.

2. Paperwork
Buying or selling a home requires a great deal of paperwork, and working with experienced realtors ensures proper documentation. Nicolaou Real Estate Services is diligent with all related paperwork, walking clients through every step of the process to educate and answer any questions. The firm has successfully represented clients on complex real estate transactions. More specifically, it has expertise in short sales, investor flips, probate, trust and divorce transactions that require both court and third party approvals. Because of our many years of experience, no signature or contract is left unaddressed. Last year, Nicolaou Real Estate Services successfully managed 36 transactions.

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