Tow “TAX” – Did Your Car Get Towed in the Monaco?

Did your car get illegally towed at the Monaco Community in Anaheim Hills?  Please contact me at because I’d like to hear your story. I’ll even post it on this blog!

Since being illegally towed myself two years ago, I’ve talked with dozens of Monaco homeowners and residents who, while possessing a legitimate and current parking permit, were towed for a minor technicality – like a permit not being visible, etc. This practice is not acceptable because it is done outside of the intent of our HOA regulations. It is also, in my opinion, a predatory and malicious act being perpetrated by Patrol Masters and the tow company that they hire.

So, I’m starting a petition against Patrol Masters and the current administration (Action Property Management and the Monaco Board of Directors) who have failed their duty and responsibility to properly manage Patrol Masters and its vendors and have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the numerous complaints filed by innocent victims.

Did you know that in California, in 2006, Vehicle Code bill AB 2210 came into effect, which protects motorists from predatory towing practices from private property? California law requires the tow company to immediately and unconditionally release a vehicle if the driver arrives prior to it being towed from the private property or in transit.

Click here to read the full penal code law in effect in California VC 22658 Removal From From Private Property. Together we can put an end to this tow “tax”