Ever-changing market conditions greatly affect the residential real estate buying and selling process. Mastering the core components of a real estate marketing strategy creates the opportunity for successful transactions. Nicolaou Real Estate Services has invested hundreds of hours in benchmarking the process. Here’s a glimpse of what the firm offers.

  1. Pre-Market Home Condition Assessment

Before a home is listed, the team completes a pre-market home assessment to advise clients on the most advantageous selling strategies available. With the goal of capturing the highest and best price, property-specific recommendations are made on how to best position the home for market entry, including advisement on the need for home improvements.

  1. Work with an Established Partner

In residential real estate, the very first impression is key. It significantly influences the value placed on a home by both agents and buyers. First impressions begin with the real estate agent and the brokerage representing the home. A team known for its high profile closings, backed by a reputable brand and top tier marketing efforts, creates the opportunity for a quick, top dollar sale with the least amount of risk for sellers.

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A competent negotiator will achieve the best outcome for clients. Nicolaou Real Estate Services is dedicated to entering negotiations with the knowledge, skills and determination to close the deal and negotiate the purchase contract, from selling price to the distribution of various fees and commissions, so the client is fully satisfied with the end result.

In most cases, the negotiation process runs smoother when the buyer and seller agents know each other well. Agents are more likely to negotiate with other agents who have credibility within the industry and are backed by a brand-name reputation. As a result, being represented by a well-respected agent is always beneficial for the client, giving them the upper hand in negotiations.

Nicolaou Real Estate Services screens the agents it enters into transactions with diligently. If an agent or brokerage has a reputation of below board negotiating tactics or ethics, the firm will do its best to stay clear of it. Similarly, the profile of the buyer or seller is equally as important. That is, are they serious about buying and/or selling real estate? Have they shown good faith and been truthful with their disclosures? who is the lender involved in the potential transaction and do they have a polished track record for closing on real estate transactions? These are all important questions asked before entering into a contract. The team is known for properly vetting all the parties involved and creating the most durable opportunity for closings.

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Purchasing a home is a huge investment and taking steps to mitigate risk will prevent problems down the road. Nicolaou Real Estate Services provides foresight during all stages of the buying and selling process to guarantee clients are informed and protected.

1. Discovery Process

Selling or buying a home comes with hidden risks. This is because it’s up to the homeowner, who sometimes is a flip investor, to share all that he/she knows or doesn’t know about the property so that they buyers have a clear picture as to the condition of the asset.

In order to mitigate these risks and potential recall from errors and omissions, a seller must disclose all pertinent information about the home that he or she is aware of. And, a buyer, once prompted by a home inspection or disclosures must further investigate the extent of the costs associated to the new information. For example, things like unpermitted additions, easements, use of neighboring properties, electrical, shared walls, mold, termites, or faulty pipes all need to be quantified.

During initial intake and discovery process, Nicolaou Real Estate Services identifies and informs clients on items that create liability and recommends suitable action plans. In order to make competent recommendations to clients on the above matters, knowledge of property types, builders, litigation, and the extent of liability an issue presents is critical.

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